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The all-new 2022 Subaru BRZ is coming soon to kick fun up a gear

Building on its iconic reputation as a pure sports car, this completely redesigned and reengineered model delivers even more driving pleasure than its predecessor with improved power, torque, acceleration, better handling, and some epic rear-wheel drive thrills.

It’s a unique demonstration of the benefits of the Subaru Boxer engine and low centre of gravity, achieving superior fore and aft weight distribution. It is a unique car in the Subaru range, with a performance driven rear-wheel drive design and Subaru renowned engineering soul.

When you combine all this with Subaru’s advanced technology developed over decades of motorsport engineering, you’ve got a perfectly balanced, nimble sports car tailor-made for a seriously good time. BRZ is Subaru at its most elemental. A stripped back, authentic sports car driving experience.

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All-new BRZ*

Digital instrument cluster*

Improved aerodynamics

8" touchscreen



18" alloy wheels


Bespoke features*

Impressive performance*

Drive enjoyment*

Aggressive styling*

Advanced Technology*

More power, more torque*